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History of Saffron

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MVT Co has made its best to satisfy its customer’s needs and tastes by producing and packaging the saffron of highest quality based on the international quality standards, distributing it in packs of various weights and shapes in the 5 continents of the world.

Saffron Quality

Saffron Quality.Demand the Best

Due to the high value of saffron, fraud in this field has become a danger for saffron consumers. The spread of saffron fraud makes it impossible to recognizing pure saffron from the fake without laboratory tests using advanced equipment. However, a number of ISO standards help fight against fraud and acknowledge quality saffron producers.

Saffron History

Saffron HistoryKnow where it comes from.

Saffron which is called Health Flower, king of spices and red gold is the most valuable plant in Iran and comes from the slopes of Alvand Mounts. Growing Saffron in Iran goes back to the years of B.C and it is expanding in the poor raining region of Iran which has cold winters and hot summers.

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Iran is one of the oldest regions known to have cultivated saffron. Iran’s agricultural and garden products including Saffron enjoy high quality due to the variety in its climatic conditions. Iranian Saffron is the most expensive spice because of its potent. Generally the climatic and geographical condition completely influence on the quality and amount of plant cultivated and harvest in different parts of the world. .

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