Saffron quality

Today, due to the high value of saffron, fraud in this field has become a danger for saffron consumers. The spread of saffron fraud makes it impossible to recognizing pure saffron from the fake without laboratory tests using advanced equipment. However, a number of ISO standards help fight against fraud and acknowledge quality saffron producers.

Quality Control (Laboratory)

To verify the standard quality of the Saffron, our company has been equipped with a highly specialized and technical laboratory. By using the chromatography method, the type, the quantity, and the amount of saffron compounds are determined and compared with those prescribed by the relevant standard. Any Deviation from the prescribed ranges shows the sample is adulterated and it is removed from the cycle of processing. Our products constantly undergo rigorous Physical, Chemical and Microbiological laboratory experiments before being delivered to the target market. Based on the method of testing ISO 3632-2, strands of saffron are divided into different quality categories by measuring the crocin (relates to the color), safranal (fragrance or aroma) and picrocrocin (taste) concentration.

The production Process of Saffron

We collect saffron directly on farms and then transfer it hygienically to store. We doing Physical, Chemical and microbiological experiments in our company laboratory and verifying standard quality. Packaging and sorting saffron is carried out by means of exact systems, under supervision of trained and skillful personnel. After the saffron is sorted, it is packed in packs of various weights. Saffron is packaged, depending on the customers' needs, in packs ranging from 0.5 gr To 500gr, in the company's production line.